Our Guest Mixes for Pop Your Funk

In return for the guest mix Cez at PopYourFunk did for us, we returned the favour with a mix each for his blog.

Carl’s Mix
1. Luv Jam – Mature Oak (Phonica White)
2. Cottam – Sunrise Sunset (Use Of Weapons)
3. K-S.H.E – Hobo-Train (Skylax)
4. Norm Talley – The Journey (Third Ear)
5. Sven Weisemann – Emphazised (Mojuba)
6. Christopher Rau – Ne Travaillez Jamais (Smallville)
7. Conforce – Vulcan (Clone Basement Series)
8. Deepchord presents Echospace – Burnt Stage (Modern Love)
9. Deepchord presents Echospace – Firefly (Modern Love)
10. Move D – Your Personal Healer (Uzuri)

Scott’s Mix
1. D’Marc Cantu – Black Tears (Crème Organization)
2. Benjamin Brunn – Acidic Sun (Third Ear)
3. Anton Zap – Sunshine (Sistrum)
4. Aroy Dee – Beauty (Ra.H’s Cabinet mix) (M>O>S)
5. Ron Trent – Urban Skylinez (Prescription Classics)
6. Steven Tang – Easy Over (Altered Moods)
7. John Heckle – 4th Dimension (Mathmatics)
8. Abacus – Moonbeamz (83 West Recordings)
9. Blu Cocteau – Dea (Strictly Rhythm)


One Response to “Our Guest Mixes for Pop Your Funk”

  1. kARMUS rEBORN Says:

    It would be an honour for us if you use some songs from our podcast(www.tafelrunde-podcast.de).
    Its creative commons, so just listen and if u enjoy it use it please.
    Thanks and
    “If music be the food of love, play on.”
    Tafelrunde Network

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