Scott’s Lawrence Mix

A mix solely made up of tracks produced or remixed by one of my very favourite artists – Peter Kersten a.k.a Lawrence and Sten.

Steve O’Sullivan & Lawrence – Just One More Thing
Mathimidori – Ame Ga Furu (Lawrence Remix)
Sten – The Essence
Lawrence – Dark Swirl
Sten – Squares
Lawrence – Untitled Track 15
Lawrence – Baba Yaga (Lawrence Remix)
Lawrence – Pinches
Lawrence – Nowhere Is a Place
Lawrence – Flaunting High
Lawrence – Nozomi
Lawrence – Tangled Track
Lawrence – Interference
Lawrence – Black Cats
Lawrence – The Cave
Lawrence – Moonlight
Francesco Tristano – Tristani Introit (Lawrence Mix)
Nadia Khan & Lawrence – Rain Again (Lawrence Remix 1)
Lawrence – Treacle Mine
Lawrence – Bonfire
Kettenkarussell – Of Course (Lawrence Remix)
Sten – More Stash
Lawrence – Dawn 808
Lawrence – Along the Wire
Lawrence – Montreaux
Lawrence – Jill


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